Inside the Philippines: May 2024

Macro Movements: Monetary Organizations and Credit Authorities reaffirm positive GDP growth outlooks for the PH

The World Bank, IMF, AMRO, and Moody's forecast strong Philippine growth despite DBCC GDP target downgrades

Investment Impacts: Sustainable Growth Driven by Green Lanes for Strategic Investments Policy & Green Investments

Green Lanes for Strategic Investments total PHP 1.9 trillion investments, successfully streamlining regulatory

Green Investments increased by 57% capturing 23% of SEA market right after Indonesia’s 25%

Industry Insights: The Digital Economy contributed 8.4% to GDP growth, with sustained growth from E-commerce

Digital economy continues to grow, supported by investments in enabling infrastructure and e-commerce platforms
E-commerce Sustains Pandemic-driven Growth Momentum supported by Zalora and Ninja Van

Market Movers: Growth indicated by Nasdaq listing and fostered by pioneering seawater hydropower infrastructure

Double Dragon’s Hotel 101 lists in Nasdaq following a merger deal with a US SPAC
Repower Energy Development Corp (REDC) pioneers the Philippines' first seawater pumped-storage hydropower plant

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